Purple Rain – on the Big Screen

This past weekend, there were numerous Twin Cities events to remember Prince.

We chose to go to Chanhassen Cinema (which is near where Paisley Park is located) to watch Purple Rain on the big screen on Saturday night. And, as it turned out, it was the same theater where Prince would go to watch movies.

All theater goers were given a free medium popcorn as the theater’s gift to us for attending their special showing of Purple Rain.

Once seated, someone from the theater stood in front of all of us to thank us and tell us this was the exact theater where Prince would watch movies. Calling ahead, they would reserve theater #1 for Prince and 300 of his friends. Choking back emotions, he said Prince would order a medium popcorn with cheddar cheese, a bottle of water – warm, and peanut M&M’s.

Warner Bros. evidently reconfigured Purple Rain so movie theaters could show the 1980s movie on newer theater technology – redoing the movies Thursday night and shipping them to arrive to theaters by Friday night.

Thanks Warner Bros. and especially Chanhassen Cinema for making it possible for us to watch Purple Rain and to help us feel close to Prince.

And, next time I go to the movies, I’ll have a medium popcorn with cheddar cheese, a bottle of water – warm, and peanut M&Ms, please.

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Many of us can recall Prince singing a song that fit so perfectly in our life at that very moment – it’s as if the song was just for us.

I feel lucky to live so close to Paisley Park to share such a powerful, heart-felt goodbye with many other Prince fans.

And, fitting that his staff came out from Paisley Park tonight with hundreds of pizzas… shared with all his last guests. Something Prince would have done. Very cool.

For all those not here in Minnesota, some photos as we remember a Legend.

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Missing You

Some of you know that our 20-year old cat died about a month ago. She had a big presence in our lives, so every day we miss her constant talking and need for cuddling.

Over the weekend, I saw the newest addition to our family sitting on her headstone in the backyard.

I know he was laying there because it’s near the brush piles where he likes to find small creatures to chase.

But, another part of me wondered if he stopped by to say, “I miss you.”

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Exhibit and Sale at West Photo in Minneapolis through mid-May 2016

Wallner Photography’s “Burst of Blue” photo received enough popular votes during the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum’s 9th Juried Show held this past January-April to be included in the Exhibit and Sale at West Photo in Minneapolis from now to mid-May.

The exhibit and sale features of works by 11 members of the Arboretum Photographer’s Society.

Stop by West Photo to view the exhibit and sale, and it goes without saying, to purchase any photography equipment/accessories you may need.

West Photo, 21 NE University Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55413.

If you are local, I have a few 11×14, 8×10, 5×7 and 5×7 folding cards available for sale. Just shoot me an email to let me know what size you are interested in purchasing.

“Burst of Blue”

Blue Flower 9-27-2015 v2 FB