Missing You

Some of you know that our 20-year old cat died about a month ago. She had a big presence in our lives, so every day we miss her constant talking and need for cuddling.

Over the weekend, I saw the newest addition to our family sitting on her headstone in the backyard.

I know he was laying there because it’s near the brush piles where he likes to find small creatures to chase.

But, another part of me wondered if he stopped by to say, “I miss you.”

2016-04-MissYa3001 FB-2


2 thoughts on “Missing You

  1. My 19-year-old cat passed away in February. She was a cantankerous old thing and hated the other cats but she adored me, and her absence leaves an empty space. This is a sweet photo. I had a cat who looked similar to yours and he, too, is gone now. I’m sorry for your loss. I followed your link from your Facebook page, which I’ve been enjoying very much. ~ Brenda (in Nova Scotia)


    1. Brenda, so sorry to hear about your cat that you lost in February. I enjoy how our animals are like our “kids,” becoming such an integral part of our everyday lives.

      So glad you are enjoying my posts on my FB page!



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