Many of us can recall Prince singing a song that fit so perfectly in our life at that very moment – it’s as if the song was just for us.

I feel lucky to live so close to Paisley Park to share such a powerful, heart-felt goodbye with many other Prince fans.

And, fitting that his staff came out from Paisley Park tonight with hundreds of pizzas… shared with all his last guests. Something Prince would have done. Very cool.

For all those not here in Minnesota, some photos as we remember a Legend.

2016-04-untitled3052 FB2016-04-untitled3032 FB2016-04-untitled3030 FB2016-04-untitled3029 FB2016-04-untitled3027 FB2016-04-untitled3009 FB2016-04-untitled3010 FB2016-04-untitled3012 FB2016-04-untitled3014 FB2016-04-untitled3019 FB2016-04-untitled3007 FB2016-04-untitled3006 FB2016-04-untitled3003 FB2016-04-untitled3000 FB2016-04-untitled3053 FB2016-04-untitled3023 FB2016-04-prince3001 FB2016-04-prince3000 FB




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