Remembering Prince

Photographing spring babies at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum were our big plans for the weekend.

But, our trip out to the Arboretum included a quick stop by Paisley Park Studios early Saturday morning – practically a stone’s throw away from the Arboretum.

For those of you who don’t live in Minnesota, the past week has brought spring showers along with many Prince fans.

Most of the fans now have to park across the street and walk through a tunnel under the road to Paisley Park.

2016-04-Prince 1048 Website

The tunnel walls are covered with writings paying respect, tribute, saying goodbye.

At the end of the tunnel, someone created a 3D “PRINCE” in the fence with yarn. Very cool.

2016-04-Prince 1043 Website

The fence along both corners of Paisley Park are filled, and in some spots, you get a glimpse of an empty Paisley Park.

For all those not here in Minnesota, some more photos from Paisley Park as we remember a Legend.

2016-04-Prince 1029 Website

2016-04-Prince 1032 Website

2016-04-Prince 1034 Website

2016-04-Prince 1036 Website

Being from the Chicago area, my favorite was the one with the City of Chicago flag (below).

2016-04-Prince 1051 Website

2016-04-Prince 1024 Website2016-04-Prince 1023 Website2016-04-Prince 1014 Website-22016-04-Prince 1011 Website2016-04-Prince 1010 Website2016-04-Prince 1006 Website

2016-04-Prince 1033 Website2016-04-Prince 1049 Website


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