Spring on the Mississippi River

A few weekends ago, we spent the weekend at one of our favorite Top Lodging Gems – Lion Downe Cottage in Lake Pepin, Wisconsin – with some friends. We hoped we would see Bald Eagles since they are often found along the Mississippi River.

Were we ever surprised! We saw over 50 Bald Eagles, all ages.

And, we even saw the migration of over 100 American White Pelicans on their way north.

You can view some of these and many other photos in the Wallner Photography Galleries.

Enjoy the photos in this week’s blog!

Synchronized Take Off - Almost
In what looks almost like a synchronized take off, a flock of American White Pelicans take off along the Mississippi River near Lake Pepin, Wisconsin, as they migrate north for the summer.
Immature Bald Eagle
A immature Bald Eagle soaring above the Mississippi River.
American White Pelican
An American White Pelican flying along the Mississippi River.
Eye Reflection
The eye of a little red squirrel reflects a tree branch.
A Bald Eagle coasting in the air streams.
Flying Fast
A immature Bald Eagle flying fast across the sky.
Eagle Eye
A Bald Eagle searching the ridge above the Mississippi River.
Pelican stopover
American White Pelicans gather for a stopover along the Mississippi River as they migrate north. Look for the clumps of white toward the lower half of the photo.
Mississippi River
A Bald Eagle soaring above the tree tops along the Mississippi River.
A Bald Eagle makes a fly-by to check us out.
A Bald Eagle soaring above the Mississippi River.
Through the branches
A Bald Eagle looks as if it’s flying through tree branches as it coasts along the tree tops.

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