Yellowstone Spring Babies

I just returned from the most amazing trip to Yellowstone National Park searching for wildlife spring babies.

And wow, what an amazing trip! Kristin and I saw over 45 different kinds of animals and tons of spring babies from red dogs (bison calves), big horn sheep lambs, owlets and wolf pups… to name a few!

As I sift through all the photos and videos that I’ll be sharing during the next several weeks (okay, maybe months), I thought it would be fitting to begin these Yellowstone Spring Baby blogs through the north entrance of the park through the famous Roosevelt Arch.

And, I want to include two plugs:

  • Yellowstone Association Institute’s Spring Babies instructor Shauna Baron, who shared amazing stories from her more than a decade of experiences with wildlife in Yellowstone. One day included 15 hours of searching for wildlife spring babies!
  • Lilac Cottage in Gardiner, Montana, where we spent the last several days of our trip using our new wildlife learnings to find even more spring babies. What a cozy little cottage tucked away in the middle of town!

Super excited to share Yellowstone spring baby photos with all of you!

Be sure to stop back often over the next several weeks!!

Roosevelt Arch
The Roosevelt Arch at the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park.
The Arch Doorway
The Yellowstone National Park sign can be seen through the Roosevelt Arch doorway.
The Arch
Looking up at the Roosevelt Arch from below.
Golden Arch
The morning sun turns the Roosevelt Arch golden.

2 thoughts on “Yellowstone Spring Babies

  1. Vienna Volante

    I lived in Sheridan, WY during elementary school and we visited Yellowstone every June as soon as school was out. I have very fond memories of Yellowstone. Your blog makes me want to go back soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vienna, that’s super fun that you visited Yellowstone every June. Such an amazing place in springtime! Hope you enjoy my upcoming blog posts until you can get there yourself! 🙂


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