Blending In

At the beginning of our Yellowstone Spring Babies trip, we spent our first night at Mammoth Hotsprings – knowing this would be a great location to see baby elks.

So, the first day in Yellowstone I’m walking around Mammoth Springs looking for baby elk when I hear a Great Horned Owl hooting in a nearby tree.

Many of you know I’ve spent my spring looking for baby owlets to photograph at home with no luck. If a Great Horned Owl is here, there is a chance she may have owlets!

I quickly find the owl sitting in a tree near the Post Office in Mammoth Springs.

The Great Horned Owl certainly blends in with the tree it’s perched on!!

Next blog… Great Horned Owlets!!

Great Horned Owl
This Great Horned Owl blends into the tree trunk behind her, making it difficult to see her.
Half Resting
This Great Horned Owl has one eye on her little owlets as she rests on a tree branch.
Great Horned Owl
A Great Horned Owl sitting on a tree branch near her owlets that are resting in a nearby tree.
Checking on owlets
This Great Horned Owl’s babies were in a nearby tree. In this photo, it looks as if she’s bending over to get a better look at them.

I’ll be posting more Yellowstone Spring Babies photos, so check back!

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