Baby Owlets – Growing Day After Day

Who knew I’d see my first owlets half way across the country on my Yellowstone Spring Babies trip.

Better yet, the trip offered several days over the course of a week to photograph two Great Horned Owlets and their mom.

And, wow, did they grow quickly!

At times, they were difficult to photograph because they sure know how to hide within the tree branches. Fortunately, spring is a little slower getting to Yellowstone, so the trees weren’t full with leaves yet.

At the beginning of the week, the owlets looked like big cotton balls. You could barely see their faces.

By the end of the week, they were taking shape and looking more like adult Great Horned Owls.

The first day I saw the owlets. They looked like big cotton balls of feather.

Two Great Horned Owlets sleeping in a tree. You can barely see the outline of their little faces.


Two days later. Both of the owlets were there, but this owlet was sitting in a spot that offered prime viewing. For the owlet to check me out and for me to see the owlet!

Owlet on Alert
A Great Horned Owlet is alert and looking around as if something scared it. Eventually, the owlet went back to resting.
Whooo Are You?
A Great Horned Owlet looking at the people below its perch.
Falling Asleep
A Great Horned Owlet falling asleep.


Five days since the first time I saw them. I could only find one of the owlets. You can see the feathers on their stomach beginning to take shape!

Hiding in Tree Branches
A Great Horned Owlet resting in the sun among bare tree branches.

I’ll be posting more Yellowstone Spring Babies photos, so check back!

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