Did You Know?

Even though the Pronghorn is the fastest animal in North America (close to 60 mph), baby Pronghorn aren’t so fast and it takes them about a day before they can even walk.

And, to further complicate things, they don’t have a “flight” response, so most of what they do during the first month of their little lives is hide under brush and lay motionless.

In the meantime, its mom – who stays close enough to see her baby – visits every 3-3.5 hours to nurse, “change its diapers” and hide the baby Pronghorn under the brush again.

Given the odds were stacked against us to even find, let alone see a baby Pronghorn, we were super excited when we found this one during the feeding and diaper changing time!

A series of 4 photos of this baby Pronghorn keeping up with its mom in Yellowstone National Park this last spring.

Pronghorn baby jumping 1

Pronghorn baby jumping 2

Pronghorn baby jumping 3

7161 Pronghorn MomBaby June 16, 2016 Website



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