Gliding (2 photos)

I love both of these photos, which do you like?

A Burrowing Owl soaring through the air at Badlands National Park, South Dakota.

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Take Off!

A Burrowing Owl takes to the air while another stands near their roost in the ground in the Badlands National Park, South Dakota.

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Take off

A Burrowing Owl Outside It’s Roost

Here’s the Burrowing Owl that was hiding in Monday’s blog! Love those eyes!

Burrowing Owls, unlike other owls, are active during the day. And, they build their roosts (or houses) in vacant Prairie Dog homes. I found this owl in the middle of a Prairie Dog town in the Black Hills, South Dakota.

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Burrowing Owl - One

Burrowing Owl - Two

Burrowing Owl - Three

Can You Find the Burrowing Owl?

Can you find the Burrowing Owl hidden in the grasslands in the Black Hills, South Dakota.

Click like if you found it!

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Can You See Me?

Waiting for the Cursor

Tundra waiting for the computer to start so she can watch and talk to the cursor as it moves around on the computer screen as I try to work.

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Waiting for the Mouse

A Closer Look

Tundra taking a closer look at her new family.

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Cuddling Her Sheep in the Sheep Bed

Tundra loves this sheep bed and her little stuffed sheep toy… maybe it helps with falling asleep.

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Slowly, Falling Asleep (3 photos)

Tundra not feeling up to this photo shoot and eventually, just falls asleep.

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Tundra’s First Photo Session

We recently added a new kitten to our family.

Her name is Tundra and this week, I’ll be sharing photos from her first few (she kept falling asleep on me) photo sessions.

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