A Bite to Eat (5 photos)

Our Polar Bear cubs get a bite to eat (not sure what they are eating) while mom watches closely over them.

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Keeping Her Cubs Close (3 photos)

Our Polar Bear mom with one little cub in tow (shown in the first two photos), continues to follow her other antsy cub who took off looking for food.

In the photo at the bottom, you can see our Polar Bear mom keeps both cubs close.

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Mom with a Cub in Tow (2 photos)

Our Polar Bear mom walking on the ice with one of her cubs right next to her.

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Happy Thanksgiving! (2 Polar Bear Family Photos)

We wanted to take a moment to let you know how thankful we are for the opportunities to share our photos with all of you throughout the year.

We wish you and your families nothing but the best this Thanksgiving.

Thanks for following our blog posts here and on social media!

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Happy Polar Bear Cub (3 photos)

Finally with mom following, this little Polar Bear cub starts walking toward our Tundra buggy.

I love the happy face this little Polar Bear cub has on its face while walking on the ice.

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Waiting for Mom & Cub Close Ups! (3 photos)

Polar Bear mom finally gets up to follow her antsy little cub with her second cub close behind as she walks on the ice.

Two super cute close photos of the little Polar Bear cub waiting for its mom.

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An Antsy Little Cub (4 photos)

The little Polar Bear on the right waited so patiently, while its mom rested on the ice (with another cub snuggled up to her).

Finally, the little cub was so antsy it stood up. The moment that little cub stood up, mom lifted her head!

The little cub started to walk away, but then turned to wait for mom and sibling to follow…

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Snuggling with Mom (4 photos)

Our Polar Bear mom finally found a resting spot on the ice. One of the little cubs snuggled right up to its mom, while the other found a cozy spot several feet away.

We were still a good distance away from the polar bears, but were able to get some close up photos. Check those out at the bottom.

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Finding a Place to Rest (video)

Here is a video of our Polar Bear mom with her two cubs finding a place to rest on the ice along the Hudson Bay on Polar Bear Point just outside of Churchill, Canada.

Listen carefully and you can hear our Tundra Buggy Driver/guide talking about the cubs and how old they are at birth and more.

Mom Staying Alert (3 photos)

In the first photo, the Polar Bear mom is sniffing in the air… it’s her way of smelling for danger that may be near.

She definitely smelled something she didn’t like and immediately turned her two cubs around backtracking to a safer area.

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