Trumpeter Swan (video)

This past weekend I went to Monticello, Minnesota, to photograph the Trumpeter Swans that gather along the Mississippi River.

Trumpeter swans are the largest water bird in North America. They gather along the Mississippi River in winter, thanks to balmy waters created from the nuclear power-generating plant just upstream from Monticello, Minnesota.

Love the trumpet sounds they make!!


Journeys to Learning!

During the past few months you may have noticed I haven’t been blogging or posting much.

And, I’m super excited to share with you what I’ve been up to! I’ve teamed up with a special education teacher, Kristin Peterson, to create educator resources to inspire all learners through adventure – Journeys to Learning!

Pictures featured are all Wallner Photography original photographs!

We already have 4 products available for sale at Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT):


We hope you and your students enjoy the engaging materials that include beautiful photography!

If you aren’t a special education teacher and know someone who may be interested in Journeys to Learning! products, please consider sharing this with them!

Thank you!