New Product: Odds and Evens!

Announcing a new product: Odds and Evens! A Math Sorting Game

Odds and Evens!, which is part of the Journeys to Learning! series, has students sort the numbers by odds and evens to discover who gets more salmon – the eagle or the grizzly bear!


This game covers very basic skills but looks like a “big kid” game – great for special education or intervention!!  Use this game for math intervention for students in Grades 2-5. Students engage with the photographs and are motivated to play the game because it does not “look” like a first grade level activity. Students absolutely love this game and often play over and over again. They enjoy being able to sort even very large numbers, and this success builds confidence.

Pictures featured are all Wallner Photography originals photos!

We hope you and your students enjoy the engaging materials that include beautiful photography!

If you aren’t a special education teacher and know someone who may be interested in Journeys to Learning! products, please consider sharing this with them!

Thank you!

#JourneysToLearning! on #TpT #education #SpEd


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