Happy Father’s Day!

Best award for the hardest working animal dad goes to… the Great Horned Owl.

In late winter, when the female lays her two or three eggs, the male goes to work. And does he work!!

He not only catches small critters (rats, squirrels, mice, etc.) for food, he also feeds the female, who is about 25 percent larger than he is while she keeps the eggs from freezing.

Once their owlets are born, his work increases with all those owlets crying for food. The female continues to care for the owlets by keeping them warm, so the father is feeding his entire family by himself. About a month after the owlets are born, the female helps hunt for food.

During this time of year, you’ll want to keep an eye on your small dogs and cats. Those father owls have been known to go after easy pet meals as he tries to feed his little family.

Kudos to the hard working Great Horned Owl Father!

Half Resting

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