Cloudy Solar Eclipse

We were able to see the eclipse in Minnesota today! Storm clouds rolled in right after the peak, in which the sun was covered 83%.

Very cool!

Here’s a quick pic taken with my phone!

Chance Meeting at the Candy Store (a week ago)!

The summer is flying by quickly! I wanted to get this photo posted sooner… like a week ago(!), but it ended up being my busiest week this summer. Right after getting back from our trip to Washington, DC, I picked up my parents at the airport the next day. They were in town visiting for the week.

While driving to a family reunion last Saturday, we decided to stop by Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store.

As Kristin and I were walking toward the door with our bag of candy we just purchased, I saw a guy I knew… but I couldn’t place where I knew him… Close friend, no. Co-worker, no. Wait, it’s Cole, from the MTV show Teen Mom 2! Then I saw Aubrey, Chelsea and Watson!

They were so gracious to let us take a quick photo with them. What an adorable and Super friendly family!

Clearly my photo skills with my phone are NOT as good as they are with my DSLR…

Thanks for the quick pic @ChelseaHouska and family!

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