Pay Attention to Your Cat Today!

Adopt a new cat or give your cat or kitten extra snuggles! #NationalCatDay

Here’s our boy, Katmai, when he was a kitten.

What a cutie!

2014-11-Katmai5305 Website

The Rock in the House #TripTip (6 photos)

If you find yourself driving along the Great River Road along the Mississippi River, there’s a quick stop you must see. The Rock in the House on the north side of Fountain City, Wisconsin.

For $2.00 a person from 10-6pm, you can see where a 55-ton boulder rolled down the cliff and crashed into a house on April 24, 1995.

It’s amazing that no one was hurt when this boulder rolled down the hill and crashed into the house. The people who owned the house on April 5, 1901, weren’t so lucky when a 5-ton boulder rolled on to the house (where the garage was in 1995), killing Mrs. Dubler, but missing her blind husband who slept next to her in the same bed.

Read more about The Rock in the House.

With two boulders hitting this house, we didn’t linger very long.

Enjoy the photos!

2640 FountainCityOctober 20, 2017-Edit Website
The boulder that rolled down the hill into the house came from the area circled in red. View of the house is from the front.
2661 FountainCityOctober 20, 2017 Website
Back of the house view. You can see the boulder just under the window.
2639 FountainCityOctober 20, 2017 Website
This is a view looking into the room where the boulder landed.
2649 FountainCityOctober 20, 2017 Website
To the right is the view into the room where the rock landed (photo above). Kristin is touching the rock.
2651 FountainCityOctober 20, 2017 Website
Back of the house view, where you can clearly see the boulder. Kristin is standing next to the rock so you can see how large it is!
IMG_3810 Website
View of the rock inside the house.





Go Nuts!

Go Nuts during Squirrel Awareness Month, which is quickly coming to an end!

Get your print of this cutie today on Wallner Photography.

Better yet, buy a birthday card for your favorite nut.

Curious Alaskan Red Squirrel greeting card with nutty birthday message!

Curious Alaskan Red Squirrel print (no birthday message)

To view more photos, go to Wallner Photography’s Galleries and online store.

DSC_5948-Edit-2 PRINT-2


Weekend Fall Getaway #TripTip (10 photos)

This past weekend, we stayed at the Hawks View Cottages and Lodges, which is tucked away on top of the bluffs along the Mississippi River in Fountain City, Wisconsin.

Getting up to the cottages is, let’s say, a steep encounter. We brought the Jeep for the steep drive up, then schlepped our things up about 85+ steep steps. The Redtail Cottage we stayed in was cozy and offered an amazing view of the Mississippi River between the tree branches.

#TripTip: Book early! We booked in March for October. We wanted to book the Coopers Hawk Cottage at the very top, but it was already booked. We also hoped the fall leaves would still be changing colors, but we missed the peak fall colors by a few days.

Enjoy the photos!

IMG_3558 Website
From our Jeep looking up to our cottage from the parking lot.
2635 FountainCityOctober 20, 2017 Website
At the bottom of the stairs, looking up to our cottage.
IMG_6506 Website
Half way up the stairs to our cottage!
2669 FountainCityOctober 21, 2017 Website
View looking toward the Mississippi River from the end of the front deck.
2665 FountainCityOctober 21, 2017 Website
Looking down at the parking lot where our Jeep is parked.
2666 FountainCityOctober 21, 2017 Website
From the front porch looking toward the other cottages.
2668 FountainCityOctober 21, 2017 Website-2
The front porch of our cottage, Redtail Hawk Cottage.
2670 FountainCityOctober 21, 2017 Website
First floor of our cottage. Kristin is resting on the couch.
IMG_1985 Website
View from the living room. You can see the Mississippi River through the tree branches.


2622 FountainCityOctober 20, 2017 Website
Close up of a Nuthatch, who was curious about us being in the treetops.



Is There Any Water in Here?

Unlike this chipmunk looking for water, we’re making it easy for you to find Wallner Photography on social media channels.

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Photo Writing Prompts - Variety final Cover art

Split Rock Lighthouse #TripTip

One of the most well-known landmarks in Minnesota is Split Rock Lighthouse located on the north shore of Lake Superior.

Just south of the lighthouse is a state park for hiking and camping. Hands down, cart-in camping spots #19 gives the best vantage point from atop the bluffs. The second best cart-in spot is #18. You have a gorgeous view of the lighthouse. And, in the morning, it’s just a quick walk down to the small bay where you can capture sunrise photos.

To snag either of these campsites, you need to book a year out, so plan early!

Enjoy these photos!

DSC_5964-2 Website
Photo taken along the shore just south of Split Rock Lighthouse.
DSC_4220-2-Edit Website-2
Photo taken from the small inlet south of Split Rock Lighthouse.
DSC_4056-2 Website
Photo taken at sunset from cart-in campsite #18.
DSC_6127-2 Website
Photo taken at sunrise from cart-in campsite #19.



That’s Some Candy Cane!

Spread the word! It’s #AdoptAShelterDogMonth.

Here’s my favorite shelter dog, who brought me sunshine, laughter and joy for more than 19 years.

It took her several years to chew through this candy cane raw hide.

Visit the ASPCA or your local shelter about adopting a dog.

My dog Website


Be Proud. Be Strong. Be Yourself.

#DayoftheGirl #IDG2017 #IDG17 #GirlPower #GirlsDay

Fun taking photos of this statue this past summer in New York City.

9578 NYC June 15, 2017 Website9622 NYC June 15, 2017 Website