I Think We Need a Bigger… Pond

Last year, we put a small pond in our backyard in hopes that it would attract wildlife… it sure has!

We wanted to make it bigger this spring, but we may have to wait since the pond is so popular – especially with our local mallards.

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One mallard – love his reflection!
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Two mallards
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Four mallards
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6 mallards

Spring Is Here!

Finally. Such a long winter and our backyard is filled with so much activity!

And, we have new neighbors – a chickadee – in one of our birdhouses. So exciting to see them busy making their new home.

Interesting fact about chickadees – when they sing, it sounds like they are saying their name “chick-a-dee-dee.” The more “dee-dee’s” you hear, that means their is something in their immediate surroundings they are alerting others to. It may be that you are too close to them or their nest – “chick-a-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee.” Give them some space and take a step or two back.

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And so it begins…

… the last snow storm (hopefully) of the year. We’re supposed to have blizzard conditions starting today thru tomorrow. #hunkeringdown #snowstorm

View from the 11th floor of my office.

Turkey Tracks

Went to get a car wash this morning and as I was leaving saw this turkey hanging out on top of a parked truck.

Wonder if she left any tracks on the hood.