To My Favorite Sloth …

… Buttercup. On this International Sloth Day.

I didn’t know anything about Buttercup until I heard about this special Sloth from my good friend, Teri. Better yet, we met Buttercup on a trip to the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica in 2017. And, what an amazing experience it was to meet Buttercup, her staff and even Timone (who took a special liking to Kristin).

Buttercup was known around the world  when the popular Animal Planet series featured her on “Meet the Sloths.”

Sadly, this past summer, Buttercup died peacefully at the age of 27, the oldest captive-living Bradypus in the world. She symbolized everything the Sloth Sanctuary set out to achieve: to care for injured, orphaned and abandoned sloths.

Consider making a virtual sloth adoption (donation).

Here’s Buttercup.

6610 ButtercupApril 06, 2017_




Fall Colors

Fall is putting on a colorful show in Minnesota! Soon the leaves will crunch beneath our feet as we wait for winter snowfall.

Fall colors-0824_

The Birds

Well, Grackles that is. They sure remind me of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” movie as they all descended onto our bird feeders.

0185 Grackle FB

New Autumn Journeys to Learning Teacher Resources

Autumn is here and we have three new Journeys To Learning teacher resources available – Autumn Bingo, Autumn Odds and Events, and Autumn Count and Write.

Go to Educator Resource page or go directly to TpT, TeachersPayTeachers to learn more.

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 8.23.57 PM

A Pumpkin House?

Who knew you could make a house out of pumpkins?

The staff at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum does!

2019-10-Autumn_9778 FB


Pumpkin Tree

Saw this amazing pumpkin tree at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

All types of pumpkins, sizes, color along with colorful gourds.

Halloween is in the air!

2019-10-Autumn_10109 FB

First Deer of the Season

Our first Deer arrived at our bird feeders last night (at least the one I’ve seen). This is a 10-point Buck.

As I was taking photos of him with my phone, I wondered if he was one of the many little Deer we’ve seen over the years in our backyard during winter.

0152 Buck FB0131 Buck FB



Our cats had a friendly visit from the neighborhood raccoon. Definitely a pre-winter sign.

0108 0056 Raccoon_ FB0101 0056 Raccoon_ FB

Got Snow?

Yup, the weekend here started off with … snow! Sure didn’t expect to see snow this early and hope our fall lingers a little longer.

0100 Snow_ FB0108 Snow_ FB

It’s Apple Season!

What’s your favorite apple? I’m a fan of the Honey Crisp apples. Yum!

2019-10-Autumn_10275 FB