Start Your #MondayMorning with a Moment of Nature (4 photos)

Love the mask of the Cedar Waxwing. Such a beautiful bird.

Enjoy these photos and hope they help your Monday get off to a great start!

Berry dinnerCedar Waxwing ProfileCedar Waxwing on BlueCedar Waxwing


Two #Photos Selected for Upcoming Juried Show!

I’m honored that two of my #photos were selected in the 2018 Minnesota Landscape Arboretum’s Juried Show!

There were more than 100 photos submitted by many amazing photographers with only 30 photos selected to be included in the show.

The show starts in January!

I’ll post more details after the holidays!

Here are the two photos in the 2018 Juried Show – a Common Loon and a Red-Tailed Hawk!

Which one do you like best?

Blue Loon
Blue Loon
Hawk Profile
Hawk Eyes


Amazing #Sunrise on Gull Lake (3 #photos)

Photos from our trip north to Gull Lake in Nisswa, Minnesota, last week.

We’ve had unusually warm whether here in Minnesota. Still no ice!

2980 GrandViewLodge November 25, 2017 Website2963 GrandViewLodge November 25, 2017 Website2986 GrandViewLodge November 25, 2017 Website



The One that Got Away!

Firearm #DeerHunting Season ended on Sunday… Here’s one that got away!

DSC_5397 Website

Window Wipeout!

With the cold weather, our birdfeeder is getting a lot of customer. And it’s not often that one will fly into the window, but this one did, leaving it’s mark.

Thankfully, the bird was uninjured.

We’ve since put window decals to help them see the window and not fly into it.

Split Rock Lighthouse #TripTip

One of the most well-known landmarks in Minnesota is Split Rock Lighthouse located on the north shore of Lake Superior.

Just south of the lighthouse is a state park for hiking and camping. Hands down, cart-in camping spots #19 gives the best vantage point from atop the bluffs. The second best cart-in spot is #18. You have a gorgeous view of the lighthouse. And, in the morning, it’s just a quick walk down to the small bay where you can capture sunrise photos.

To snag either of these campsites, you need to book a year out, so plan early!

Enjoy these photos!

DSC_5964-2 Website
Photo taken along the shore just south of Split Rock Lighthouse.
DSC_4220-2-Edit Website-2
Photo taken from the small inlet south of Split Rock Lighthouse.
DSC_4056-2 Website
Photo taken at sunset from cart-in campsite #18.
DSC_6127-2 Website
Photo taken at sunrise from cart-in campsite #19.




For National Wolf Awareness Week, what’s better than a pack of Wolves!! #bewolfaware #photo

To view more wolf photos, go to Wallner Photography’s Galleries and online store, then select “Wolf” in the Collection category.

DSC_2484 2-Edit Website-2

Check Out This Handsome Little American Goldfinch! (4 photos)

Caught this American Goldfinch eating the seeds from a Bull Thistle. If you look closely in the bottom three photos, you’ll see Bumblebees enjoying the thistle flowers, too.

#goldfinch #wildlife #photography #photos

2369 Gold Finch on ThistlesAugust 28, 2017 Website2264 Gold Finch on ThistlesAugust 28, 2017 Website2302 Gold Finch on ThistlesAugust 28, 2017 Website2279 Gold Finch on ThistlesAugust 28, 2017 Website

Painted Lady Butterflies (3 photos)

We had a Painted Lady Butterfly irruption year – a year in which their population dramatically increases.

I had been seeing them for the past several weeks as I was working on our fire pit in the back yard, but this last weekend I only saw a few. So we must be at the tail end of the irruption.

Painted Lady Butterflies are amazing! Here’s a few fun facts:

• They go through their entire life cycle (egg, larvae/caterpillar, pupa/chrysalis, and adult) in less than a month!

• The adult Painted Lady Butterfly only lives about two weeks!

Enjoy the photos!


Painted Lady CloseupPainted LadyPainted Lady showing the undersides of her wings