Big Paw Prints! What’s Your Guess?

I returned from my first trip to the Canadian Rockies last week. My most memorable experience of the trip started early one morning as I made my way to take photos of the sunrise.

Looking down at the brick sidewalk just outside our place at Patricia Lake Bungalows in Jasper, I saw these wet paw prints.

Who do you think made them?

6150 Grizzly sunrise Website



We Have Chickadee Babies (video – turn up the volume!)

A pair of chickadees created a nest in our backyard birdhouse and their babies are Very hungry!

You can hear them chirping inside as they wait for their parents to bring more food.

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 8.42.37 AM Website


Turkey Tracks

Went to get a car wash this morning and as I was leaving saw this turkey hanging out on top of a parked truck.

Wonder if she left any tracks on the hood.

New Home Owner

This little Burrowing Owl is the one busy digging out its home (see yesterday’s post).

He’d dig a little, then pop up his head to look around.

4258 BurrowingOwls Website

Guess Who

Who do you think is busy digging out a new home in the ground?

If you look closely, you may be able to see a small part of the new home owner.

4281 BurrowingOwls Website4276 BurrowingOwls Website4274 BurrowingOwls Website4284 BurrowingOwls Website4275 BurrowingOwls Website

Red-Headed Visitor

What a day we had at our suet feeder. This Pileated Woodpecker stopped by twice today!

This is a male Pileated Woodpecker – they have a splash of red from their beak to their throat.

3842 PileatedWoodpecker_ Website

2019 Gets a Lucky Start!

This year is off to a great start and I think it’s a sign 2019 will be a great year!

This little white squirrel showed up at our feeder.

We’ve named her Ivory.

3293 White Squirrel Website-2

Green-winged Teal

Found this green-winged teal hanging out with a few mallards at Fort Snelling State Park, Minnesota.

3175 Fort Snelling_ Website

Mute and Trumpeter Swans

Found a Mute Swan (the one with the orange bill) hanging out with Trumpeter Swans at Fort Snelling State Park, Minnesota.

I love the photo of the Mute Swan stretching her wings while two of the Trumpeter Swans watch her.

3109 Fort Snelling_ Website

“Curious Alaska Red Squirrel” – Shot Shorts

While walking on a trail at the Wrangell–St. Elias National Park and Preserve in Alaska, I didn’t expect to see any wildlife being so close to the Visitor Center, but then I heard something moving on the ground under a nearby tree.

I lifted my camera and at that very moment, I saw a little red squirrel run up a pine tree with a nut in its mouth. As I quickly focused in on the squirrel, it dropped the nut and started screeching at me.

I captured 3 photos before it scurried up the tree out of sight. This was the only photo that turned out.

My favorite part of this entire photo is the little bit of pine tree it has right above its right eyebrow. Such a cutie!

Whenever I attend a show to sell my photographs, this photo almost always sells out.

In addition to just the blank inside photo cards, I also have cards that have the following copy available for sale:

This photo was selected in 2012 as the People’s Choice award during the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum’s Sale and most recently selected in the 2019 Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Exhibit. Read more about the exhibit.

Enjoy this “Curious Alaska Red Squirrel.”

Curious Alaska Red Squirrel
Curious Alaska Red Squirrel