Love the Big Ears of Mule Deer

When you are in Banff National Park, between the city of Banff and Lake Louise you have the option to travel either on the Trans Canadian Highway or along the Bow Valley Parkway.

If you have the time, take the Bow Valley Parkway, which is slower, less traveled. We saw so much wildlife including this male Mule Deer.

TripTip: There are mandatory travel restriction from March 1 to June 25. During the hours of 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. no vehicle, bicycle or foot traffic is permitted on the eastern section of the parkway from the Johnston Canyon Campground to the entrance at the Trans Canada Hwy/Bow Valley Parkway interchange. After the long winter, this allows the animals the undisturbed time they need to feed and roam in this important wildlife corridor.

Love those big ears!

6806 JohnstonCanyon FB6817 JohnstonCanyon FB6812 JohnstonCanyon FB6799 JohnstonCanyon FB6811 JohnstonCanyon FB


More Nannies and Kids

Mountain Goat moms and kids, that is.

In total, we saw three female Mountain Goats and two babies along the cliff below the Columbia Icefield Skyway in Jasper National Park, Canada.

They sure where busy keeping an eye on each other and the people!

Trip Tip: This is a popular hang out for them, so be sure to include the Skyway on your trip.

9782 Canada FB-2
Relaxing on the side of the mountain.
6350 Columbia_Icefield FB
Close up of one of the moms.
6334 Columbia_Icefield FB
Look closely and you can see the baby mountain goat next to its mom.
6406 Columbia_Icefield FB
Watching what the other goats are doing.
6432 Columbia_Icefield FB
Checking out the people on the Skywalk.
6444 Columbia_Icefield FB
Running down the mountain toward its mom.
6458 Columbia_Icefield FB
Again, checking out the people while mom eats some grass.
6499 Columbia_Icefield FB
On the edge of the cliff.
6496 Columbia_Icefield FB
Keeping up with its mom as they climb down the mountain.



Goats and Swallow Revealed

From my earlier post today, here are close ups of the adorable three Mountain Goats (my favorite is the little goat just relaxing!) and the one Cliff Swallow.

The original photo is at the bottom so you can compare.

6327 Columbia_Icefield FB-3
Cliff Swallow is sitting on the gray rocks in the upper left corner – it’s brown and blue. Can you see it?

6327 Columbia_Icefield FB-2

(Below is the original photo post so you can see how difficult they are to see if you’re not looking for them!)

6327 Columbia_Icefield-Edit FB-2


How Many Mountain Goats?

And where there’s one momma Mountain Goat, there’s more!

How many Mountain Goats do you see in this photo?

Kudos if you can find the Cliff Swallow, too!

Answer later today!

6327 Columbia_Icefield FB

Answer to Today’s Earlier Find the Animal in the Photo Post

A Mountain Goat mom and her kid are under the short ledge of the Columbia Icefield Skywalk in Jasper National Park, Canada.

Sure is a great spot for a little shade!

6316 Columbia_Icefield FB

Can You Find the Animals in this Photo?

And, no, it’s not the people standing on the Columbia Icefield Skywalk in Jasper National Park, Canada.

Any guesses?

9758 Canada-Pano FB-2




Bighorn Sheep

While in Jasper, head north on Yellowhead Highway (16) along the Athabasca River and just after you cross the river, you can’t miss the signs alerting you to keep an eye out for wildlife.

We pulled off to look around and saw two bighorn sheep on the cliffs above.

My favorite is the one resting between the pine trees. Which one do you like best?

Bighorn in the pine trees
Bighorn in the pine trees
Bighorn sheep
Regal Bighorn Sheep
Bighorn sheep
Bighorn Sheep looking down the cliff



Jasper Elk

The best place to see Elk are in and around both Banff and Jasper, Canada. They are everywhere!

Here’s a few we spotted while in Jasper.

Some Big Teeth
This guy has some pretty big teeth!
Elk Stare
An elk outside of Jasper, Alberta, Canada.
Elk Herd
An elk herd near Jasper, Alberta, Canada.

Animals Crossing!

Throughout our trip along the Icefields Parkway in the Canadian Rockies, we encountered so much wildlife crossing the roads!

You’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for animals crossing.

Here’s a few of the animals who crossed our path during our trip.

9264 Canada FB9265 Canada FB9293 Canada FB9662 Canada FBGrassy MealElk Jam



Early Morning Elk

As I mentioned earlier, we stayed at Patricia Lake Bungalows just outside of Jasper so we could see more wildlife. The very first morning we were there, this elk showed up right outside our bungalow.

This photo is horribly out of focus because it was so early in the morning and the light was low.

I lightened it up considerably, but this gives you an idea of how the elk just wander through the area.

In case you missed my previous post about my grizzly encounter, this is where we saw the grizzly mom with her cub!

9416 Elk in Yard FB