Protect them, love them, respect them. It’s their planet, too. #photos 



Our thoughts are with the victims in Las Vegas. And, we’re thankful all our family members in Las Vegas are safe.

Dalmatian Pup… er… Guppy… er… Molly!

We don’t have a photo of a Dalmatian pup to share on this special day honoring those well-known dogs on #NationalFirePupDay… instead we have a Dalmatian Molly!

Sure is a cutie!

2017-09-Fish 2521 Website

New Product – Yellowstone National Park Bingo Game for Teachers!

Beautiful, original Wallner photography of Yellowstone National Park for this fun, engaging Bingo game for Teachers on #TeachersPayTeachers #TpT.

Teachers, purchase your $2 Bingo game today!

Yellowstone Bingo cover LR

Check Out This Handsome Little American Goldfinch! (4 photos)

Caught this American Goldfinch eating the seeds from a Bull Thistle. If you look closely in the bottom three photos, you’ll see Bumblebees enjoying the thistle flowers, too.

#goldfinch #wildlife #photography #photos

2369 Gold Finch on ThistlesAugust 28, 2017 Website2264 Gold Finch on ThistlesAugust 28, 2017 Website2302 Gold Finch on ThistlesAugust 28, 2017 Website2279 Gold Finch on ThistlesAugust 28, 2017 Website


Morning Colors-0148-Edit Website

#FirstDayOfFall #autumn  #WelcomeAutumn



Painted Lady Butterflies (3 photos)

We had a Painted Lady Butterfly irruption year – a year in which their population dramatically increases.

I had been seeing them for the past several weeks as I was working on our fire pit in the back yard, but this last weekend I only saw a few. So we must be at the tail end of the irruption.

Painted Lady Butterflies are amazing! Here’s a few fun facts:

• They go through their entire life cycle (egg, larvae/caterpillar, pupa/chrysalis, and adult) in less than a month!

• The adult Painted Lady Butterfly only lives about two weeks!

Enjoy the photos!


Painted Lady CloseupPainted LadyPainted Lady showing the undersides of her wings

#GirlPower Retaining Wall

With the end of summer approaching, I finally finished my last yard project – a retaining wall around the fire pit.

My niece helped me carry all of the brick and pea pebbles to the back – took two days to do that. Took me another two weeks to dig out and haul all the dirt and sod to the top of the hill.

Right toward the end of my project, I injured my knee. So, I’ll be taking it easier, enabling me to post more blog posts and photos!

Here’s a before and after photo of the #GirlPower Retaining Wall!

Firepit_7098 Website

Firepit_7143 Website

Cloudy Solar Eclipse

We were able to see the eclipse in Minnesota today! Storm clouds rolled in right after the peak, in which the sun was covered 83%.

Very cool!

Here’s a quick pic taken with my phone!

Chance Meeting at the Candy Store (a week ago)!

The summer is flying by quickly! I wanted to get this photo posted sooner… like a week ago(!), but it ended up being my busiest week this summer. Right after getting back from our trip to Washington, DC, I picked up my parents at the airport the next day. They were in town visiting for the week.

While driving to a family reunion last Saturday, we decided to stop by Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store.

As Kristin and I were walking toward the door with our bag of candy we just purchased, I saw a guy I knew… but I couldn’t place where I knew him… Close friend, no. Co-worker, no. Wait, it’s Cole, from the MTV show Teen Mom 2! Then I saw Aubrey, Chelsea and Watson!

They were so gracious to let us take a quick photo with them. What an adorable and Super friendly family!

Clearly my photo skills with my phone are NOT as good as they are with my DSLR…

Thanks for the quick pic @ChelseaHouska and family!

IMG_6791 Website