Can You Find the Animal?

It’s that time of year when cone flowers and thistles attract all kinds of animals.

Any guesses as to where and what it is?

2248 Gold Finch on ThistlesAugust 28, 2017 FB


Baby Llama and more

More photos of the Llamas at the Minnesota Zoo. The baby Llama was 5 weeks old when we were there.

So cute!

9050 Llamas FB9062 Llamas FB9095 Llamas FB9100 Llamas FB9152 Llamas FB

A Little Horse Drama

Asian Horse drama that is.

The Asian Horses were running around and around their pond, chasing each other and more at the Minnesota Zoo.

And, of course, the Llamas had to see what was going on and watch the Asian Horse drama unfold.

9084 Llamas FB9094 Llamas FB


Perfect timing for this Llama to smile while Kristin was taking its photo at the Minnesota Zoo!

Gotta love those teeth!

Strike a pose

An Ovenbird?

Saw this little guy in our backyard this morning. Never heard of an Ovenbird, but she sure was busy digging around in the flower box.

The Ovenbird gets its name from its covered nest. The dome and side entrance make it resemble a Dutch oven. Sure wish I could have seen the next.

What a cutie!

Ovenbird 9-2017 FBOvenbird 9-2017-2 FB

Lazy Labor Day Monday

This Dhole sure is enjoying soaking up the sun.

The photo is of a Dhole at the Minnesota Zoo. The Dhole population is approximately 4,500-10,500, of which only 949-2,215 are mature individuals. The Dhole are an endangered species and its numbers today are decreasing.

Consider making a donation to World Wildlife Organization to protect endangered species.

9212 MNZoo FB

Feeding Time!

On a recent trip to the Minnesota Zoo, I happened to hear a lot of chirping on the branches below the walk bridge I was on.

It was feeding time for two sets of three baby Barn Swallows – one set was on a fence rail while the others were in a nearby tree.

Each time the parents got close, all would chirp and open their mouths for food.

Bon appetite!

9173 CliffSwallows 8-2019 FB9183 CliffSwallows 8-2019 FB9184 CliffSwallows 8-2019 FB9186 CliffSwallows 8-2019 FB9195 CliffSwallows 8-2019 FB9197 CliffSwallows 8-2019 FB


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

We’ve never seen an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail like this one that showed up in our backyard earlier this week.

This is a female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. In the photo at the very bottom, look closely and you’ll see a Painted Lady butterfly in the lower left.

Simply beautiful. Enjoy these photos of her!

6994 EasternSwallowtail FB7002 EasternSwallowtail FB7014 EasternSwallowtail FB


The Grizzly End

One of the very last animals we saw at the end of our trip to the Canadian Rockies was a Grizzly Bear, who was walking along the road near Banff. We had gone out early in the morning in hopes of seeing wildlife and this bear did not disappoint.

He came right up to our car! Sorry the photos aren’t very good, it was raining and we were taking photos through the windshield.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our photos and trip tips from our adventures in Banff, Jasper and along the Icefields Parkway in Canada.

Enjoy these Grizzly End photos – very fitting for such an amazing trip.

6961 untitled FB6976 untitled FB6981 untitled FB6986 untitled FB6990 untitled FB

Duck, Duck, Eagle

Vermillion Lakes just outside of the City of Banff offers an excellent spot for viewing all kinds of wildlife.

When we were there in Spring, it was raining as a snowstorm dropped snow in the mountains in Banff National Park, Canada.

Enjoy these photos!

7050 Banff birds FB
Hooded Merganser. Sure wish I could have gotten just a little closer to this little guy. I love the water droplets on the water.
7059 Banff birds FB
Cinnamon Teal – You can’t really see their red eyes in this photo. I sure love the drop of water falling off its bill.
7110 Banff birds FB
As the snowstorm covers the mountains in the clouds a bald eagle perches at the top of a tree.