Green-winged Teal

Found this green-winged teal hanging out with a few mallards at Fort Snelling State Park, Minnesota.

3175 Fort Snelling_ Website

Mute and Trumpeter Swans

Found a Mute Swan (the one with the orange bill) hanging out with Trumpeter Swans at Fort Snelling State Park, Minnesota.

I love the photo of the Mute Swan stretching her wings while two of the Trumpeter Swans watch her.

3109 Fort Snelling_ Website

“Curious Alaska Red Squirrel” – Shot Shorts

While walking on a trail at the Wrangell–St. Elias National Park and Preserve in Alaska, I didn’t expect to see any wildlife being so close to the Visitor Center, but then I heard something moving on the ground under a nearby tree.

I lifted my camera and at that very moment, I saw a little red squirrel run up a pine tree with a nut in its mouth. As I quickly focused in on the squirrel, it dropped the nut and started screeching at me.

I captured 3 photos before it scurried up the tree out of sight. This was the only photo that turned out.

My favorite part of this entire photo is the little bit of pine tree it has right above its right eyebrow. Such a cutie!

Whenever I attend a show to sell my photographs, this photo almost always sells out.

In addition to just the blank inside photo cards, I also have cards that have the following copy available for sale:

This photo was selected in 2012 as the People’s Choice award during the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum’s Sale and most recently selected in the 2019 Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Exhibit. Read more about the exhibit.

Enjoy this “Curious Alaska Red Squirrel.”

Curious Alaska Red Squirrel
Curious Alaska Red Squirrel

Christmas Hike Surprise!

On Christmas Day, we went for a walk at Fort Snelling State Park in Minnesota and ran across this cutie!

I’ve never seen a deer with such unique coloring. I lover her white socks!

3279 Fort Snelling_ Website

3199 Fort Snelling_ Website

3232 Fort Snelling_ Website

3272 Fort Snelling_ Website


“Clinging to Mom” – Shot Shorts

In July 2014, we went to Katmai National Park and had the opportunity to photograph grizzlies up close and personal. To get to this park, you have to take two small planes (one of which is a float plane) from Anchorage. When you step off the plane onto the beach, they whisk you into a building for bear training.

One you’re completely trained, they let you loose to walk in the park, of course, watching out for grizzlies who share the same paths as you!

My favorite grizzly at the park was #435 and her cub. #435’s name is Holly and according to the park rangers, one of the best mom’s in the park. We watched her for hours, fishing for salmon while her little cub stayed close behind not wandering very far from her.

There is an amazing story about Holly that we heard about upon returning from our trip. While in Katmai NP, we saw some of the story unfold one day when another grizzly mom left her yearling cub in the tree near our cabin for a good part of the day, finally being reunited later that day. The story about Holly is heartwarming and shocked the park and biologist communities across the globe when she took in this abandoned cub.

Enjoy this lovable photo (and one of my personal favorites) of Holly and her cub called “Clinging to Mom.”

This photo was recently selected in the 2019 Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Exhibit. Read more about the exhibit.

Clinging to Mom
Clinging to Mom

#Rudolph and #Clarice Caught on the #BackYardCam

Our #BackYardCam caught Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and his girl, Clarice.

Must have needed some snacks between deliveries.

Happy #ChristmasEve everyone!


“Splish Splash” – Shot Shorts

Getting close to birds is a feat in and of itself.

Most, if not all birds, will quickly take flight when you simply look their way. So I knew getting close to a Horned Puffin in Alaska would be challenging.

Early in my career, I made the decision to not have photos of wildlife in captivity on my website. Then, I visited two wildlife rehabilitation organizations in Alaska and saw the amazing work they were doing to help and care for injured animals. I wanted to support their work by not only sharing photos of these amazing animals, but to contribute proceeds of my photography sales to similar organizations. (New in 2019, 10% of the proceeds of each Wallner Photography item sold goes to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), an organization that helps endangered species across the globe. Learn more about

Splish Splash was taken at one such organization in Seward, Alaska – the Alaska Sealife Center, Inside the center, they have an amazing room for all types of birds who are being treated for various issues and who are on their journey of recovery to be released back into the wild.

Enjoy this Horned Puffin, who helped change my thinking about including images of wildlife in rehabilitation centers on my website.

This photo was recently selected in the 2019 Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Exhibit. Read more about the exhibit.

Splish Splash
Splish Splash



3 Photos Selected for 2019 Exhibit!

The competition for the 2019 Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Photographers’ Society Juried Show included 165 photos submitted by a total of 21 photographers.

Of the 25 photos selected for the show, I’m honored to share that 3 of my photos will be in the show.

The show will be displayed in the Café Gallery, opening March 1, 2019, continuing through April 30, 2019, at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. The show photos will also be available for purchase as prints and cards in the gift shop during that same time.

Below are the 3 photos of mine that will be in the show.

Splish Splash
Splish Splash
Clinging to Mom
Clinging to Mom
Curious Alaska Red Squirrel
Curious Alaskan Red Squirrel