“Joshua Tree Pastel Sunrise” Photo Finds New Home

Thrilled to see a recently sold “Joshua Tree Pastel Sunrise” photo hanging above the mantel at Tami and Teri Todd’s home. So glad you enjoy the photo TnT!

Thanks for letting me share the news on my blog!

IMG_9391 TnT


This little Chickadee is getting ready to leave the nest (or rather birdhouse in this case). However, it just isn’t quite sure…

You can hear one of the Chickadee parents encouraging it to fly for the first time – listen for the distinct “chick-a-dee-dee-dee.”

You’ll also hear a very loud Robin that sounds like “cheerily, cheer up.

7227 untitled-2 FB

Feeding Time

There has been a lot of activity at the neighbor’s house… the Chickadee birdhouse, that is.

Here is one of the parents bring food and then quickly leaving.

7227 ChickadeeMom

Grizzly Sunrise Photos

And, after all the grizzly mom and cub activity, here are two sunrise photos I took at Patricia Lake in Jasper.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my grizzly sunrise experience! (Be sure to check out my previous blog posts about the grizzlies if you missed them.)

Grizzly Sunrise
Patricia Lake sunrise as the sun splashes The Whistlers Mountain range.
Pyramid Mountain
Pyramid Mountain with a kiss of the morning sun at Patricia Lake in Jasper.

Following Grizzlies

And, while I was taking photos at the shore of Patricia Lake, Kristin wasn’t far behind me and snapped a few photos of the grizzly mom and her cub while they were walking toward me! (See previous blog posts.)

Many grizzly moms will bring their cubs near where people are because male bears are less inclined to go where people are. It’s a way mom’s protect their cubs from male bears, who often will try to kill the cubs.

Tip: If you are in bear country, don’t carry food with you and always talk or yell at the bear so they hear you and know you are there. You never want to startle a bear. Oh, and never run!

9700 Canada Website9701 Canada Website

Grizzly Walk By

As I was taking my photos of the sunrise splashing across the mountain range at Patricia Lake in Jasper, Canada, I felt compelled to frequently look up the embankment where I came from – just in case the grizzly mom and her cub decided to follow me (see previous blog post).

Glad I did! There she was coming down the side of the stairs with her cub right behind her.

Realizing the lake was right behind me and the only thing between me, the grizzly mom and her cub was a few stairs in the middle of a railing. I started talking to her so she knew I was there and wouldn’t be startled. I also positioned the railing between me and the grizzlies.

She looked at me and kept on walking right by me.

Once I knew she would keep going, I snapped these two photos of the little grizzly cub following her mom. I love the one at the bottom of the little cub looking back at me as they made their way along the shoreline trail.

What an amazing experience!

6165 Grizzly sunrise FB6169 Grizzly sunrise FB

Grizzly Mom with Her Cub!

Needless to say, when I saw those paw prints (see previous post), I was giddy with excitement about the possibility of seeing a bear, be it a grizzly or black bear.

As I made my way toward the shore of Patricia Lake, I turned and saw a grizzly mom with her cub. Recalling my grizzly bear training from Alaska, I yelled, “Yo bear” several times so the mom knew I was there. The grizzly mom stopped, saw me, then turned around and headed in the opposite direction from me.

I snapped a few photos of their butts (below) as they headed away from me, then I headed to the shore to take my sunrise photos.

6151 Grizzly sunrise Website


Big Paw Prints! What’s Your Guess?

I returned from my first trip to the Canadian Rockies last week. My most memorable experience of the trip started early one morning as I made my way to take photos of the sunrise.

Looking down at the brick sidewalk just outside our place at Patricia Lake Bungalows in Jasper, I saw these wet paw prints.

Who do you think made them?

6150 Grizzly sunrise Website


We Have Chickadee Babies (video – turn up the volume!)

A pair of chickadees created a nest in our backyard birdhouse and their babies are Very hungry!

You can hear them chirping inside as they wait for their parents to bring more food.

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 8.42.37 AM Website